Missouri's State Capitol building in Jefferson City

Environment Missouri's 2022 Legislative Priorities

Environment Missouri advocates for the environment in Jefferson City in order to have a livable climate. This year there are hundreds of policies being discussed which could protect our clean air, clean water, clean energy, wildlife, and open spaces. We work hard to make sure that any decisions that get made during this legislative session are made in the best interest of the environment and Missourians.

During the legislative session — and always — it’s vital that when the bills and policies that impact our common interests are being debated, those discussions aren’t conducted behind closed doors, or without citizen involvement. We know our leaders will be hearing from powerful interests, and their lobbyists, won’t be afraid to try and use their access and influence to push for decisions that benefit their narrow agenda, instead of what is best for the environment and the people of Missouri. That’s where we come in.

Environment Missouri closely monitors the environmental policies being debated in Jefferson City. We propose and analyze legislation, provide independent research, and expert testimony so that our leaders in the Capitol can make informed decisions. We make sure that our leaders hear from the public, by bringing the voices of our members and Missouri residents into the meeting rooms or public hearings where critical environmental decisions are being made that impact our daily lives.

Environment Missouri’s top priorities this legislative session include:

Right to Repair: Giving consumers, farmers, and small businesses the ability to repair their electronic and agricultural equipment. Manufacturers' repair restrictions make repairing our electronics more difficult and more expensive, negatively impacting consumers and the environment. If Missourians were able to fix their cell phone and make them last just one year longer, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions would be equivalent to taking 11,800 cars off the road.  

Get the Lead Out: Missouri’s children need clean drinking water, especially where they spend most of their time playing and learning. Unfortunately, lead is contaminating our children’s drinking sources at schools and daycare centers. The problem stems from antiquated infrastructure in the pipes, plumbing, faucets, and fixtures that contain lead. In order to protect our children’s clean drinking water, we must test all water fixtures for the presence of lead and remove any infrastructure that leads to lead getting into our drinking water.

Wildlife over Waste: We use and throw away too many single-use plastics and polystyrene foam that pollute our water, land, and are a danger to our wildlife in Missouri. We can have a cleaner, healthier Missouri by reducing our dependence on single-use plastic waste and polystyrene foam.

Clean Renewable Energy for Missouri: We can power our state through 100% clean renewable energy. Missouri legislators should focus on encouraging the expansion of wind and solar development to break our dependence on dirty, fossil fuels while providing a resilient energy grid.

We have an incredible opportunity to move the ball forward on these issues and others in Missouri. To ensure progress we need to give our environmental champions the support they need to take bold action and reach out to those who could be swayed by the right facts, persuasive arguments and public opinion.

And we can’t do it without you. Your support and attention help to keep our elected officials accountable.