Environment Missouri
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Sarah MacFarland and Peter Hofherr

The Katy Trail is easily one of the most iconic trails in the country. But without funding for critical repairs and improvements, it might not remain that way.

All of our state parks currently face a backlog of nearly $400 million in critical repairs and maintenance, a sum that’s grown since 1990. The Katy Trail alone requires nearly $50 million for repairs to stressed bridges and culverts and trails that need resurfacing. In many parks, the electrical and water systems were built in the 1930s and need to be updated, repaired or replaced.

And right now the Missouri Legislature is considering placing a state bond issue on the ballot, which would provide nearly $1 billion for capital improvements. Tens of millions of dollars would go towards state parks. It’s about time we give our parks the funding they need.

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